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Immigration can be as costly as it is complex. We believe in full transparency.  Our professional fees are based on the process, not the outcome, and our fees are published here to assist you with your budget. No surprises. We also recommend that clients engage in an initial consultation, as some immigration programs are really very user friendly and designed for applicants to navigate on their own immigration process (we are talking about you, Express Entry!)

Initial Immigration Contact – No fee.  Brief telephone or email, general information, not detailed.

Detailed Immigration Consultation - 1 hour maximum $350.00 includes online or in-person meeting to outline eligible programs and any other issues that may arise, including mapping out steps to achieve a prospective applicants immigration goal.  Follow up email and telephone support may be included. 

Hourly rate for other matters (file review, on going consultation) $160.00 (billed in 15 minute increments)


Professional fees:

Temporary Residence and Extension Applications:

LMIA (LMO) $5,000
Temporary Foreign Worker Unit (TFWU) Opinion $500
Study Permit $1500

Study Permit (post refusal) $2500
LMIA-based work permit (once LMIA is received) $1500

LMIA exempt work permit (online application) $2500

LMIA exempt work permit (POE application) $1500

Spousal open work permits (as part of a primary applicant) $750
Intra-company transferee work permit includes TFWU process, if necessary $2500 - $5000
Significant Benefit work permit  – price negotiated based on complexity
Other work permit not otherwise specified (and depending on complexity) $500 - $2000
Business Visitor $500
Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) Single or Multi-entry $1,500
Visitor Record $1500

Post refusal TRV $2000

Restoration of Status (depending on complexity) from $1,000


Fees for Permanent Residence Applications

Business Class Self-employed or PNP entrepreneur $6,500

Entrepreneurs *please contact us as there are many avenues for Entrepreneurs to apply for PR in Canada

Express Entry (Federal Skilled Workers & Canada Experience Class) 

Stage 1: Profile $2000

Stage 2: PR submission $1500

- Spouse $750

- Dependent child over 18 $500

- Dependent child under 18 $250

Provincial Nominees (principal applicant) $4250

- Spouse $750

- Dependent child over 18 $500

- Dependent child under 18 $250

Family Class includes sponsorship, in-Canada or out-of Canada applications $4500-$5000 + $500 per dependent

Adoptions includes relative and non relative adoptions, PR or Citizenship $4550-$6500



Fees for Citizenship and Renewal of Permanent Residence Applications:

Canadian Citizenship Grant and Confirmation $3,000 
Renewal of Permanent Residence / Cards $1,000 (we encourage clients to do these themselves as they are straightforward for those who qualify)

Residency (special cases for those whose applications are not straightforward due to absences from Canada or other circumstances $4500


Fees for Other Types of Immigration Matters:

Note: these are often more complex and fees will vary. Before agreeing to be retained,
we will provide an estimate of the costs.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications in Canada only – $4,500+

Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) $4000+

Application for Criminal Rehabilitation $4500
Minister’s Delegate’s Review Preparation and Interview $4,000

Request for Reconsideration Letter and Submission $1200-$2000 (depending on complexity)


We require a retainer equal to the legal fees being charged plus expenses. This is held in our trust or client account. The client is billed at various stages, and fees are transferred from the Trust or Client Account to cover the invoices.  Once the application is submitted, the client is given a final bill and a summary of their account (this includes legal fees, application fees, taxes and disbursements) less the original retainer amount.  Any outstanding payable must be paid within two weeks.

A word about results...

It is important to understand that, as immigration practitioners, we charge for the process, not the result. Results can never be guaranteed by anyone (lawyer or immigration consultant).  “Guaranteed results” should  be reported to the appropriate authority (Law Society or the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants).   A negative result can be devastating, and can sometimes be addressed quickly by submitting a request for reconsideration, but may also require an appeal process. B&W can refer you to a reputable lawyer in the case of judicial review.


Information included in any consultation or application is valid as of the date of the submission of the application.  Immigration legislation changes on a regular basis, and we cannot be held accountable for legislative changes that occur subsequent to the submission of an application.

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